Saturday, 28 April 2012

The sewing/spare room

So we realised that sharing a room* wasn't working for me and Jon. Basically Jon has too much stuff. And whilst the music/spare room combo didn't work (keyboards don't make for a restful sleeping environment) the music/sewing combo didn't work either. So there was only one thing left to try, merging my sewing room into the spare room. And I think it's worked out rather well. It meant I couldn't keep the big table but luckily the Lloyds had this rather nice blue number knocking about in the garage. I also get to have a day bed, which, quite frankly, has been a dream since I was a small child, it just feels very decadent.

artwork supplied by Jenny Lloyd, more wall coverings to follow

* I should point out that we still share the bedroom (we're only 30).

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