Sunday, 29 April 2012

Fixing stuff makes me feel like a real man.

In my studio post I alluded to our broked angle-poise (Anglepoise©?). It sort of clicked on then made a crackly sound and cut out. Because electricity is safe for amateurs to tinker with, I thought I'd have a go at fixing it.

 I diagnosed a switch problem and proceeded to disect the specimen.

As I suspected, the switchy contact bits were dirty and needed some elbow grease.

 Unfortunately, oaf that I am, I busted one of the L-shaped contacts, but the weakness in this area pointed to the nub of the matter: Metal fatigue. The contact needs to bend upwards to... well... make contact, and that bendy bit is where the snap occurred. I needed to rejoin and strengthen!

 Apparently, at school, we did something called D&T, which was sometimes cookery and sometimes soldering and stuff. There was a person who showed us how to do it (a teacher, if memory serves), and apparently this one was a cut above, because I kind of remembered how to do it. I think I also used to help my brother modify Tamiya Mini-4WD motors. Anyways, I own a soldering iron and dagnabbit, it's fix-it time.

 So I fixed it. No great shakes. I just did it. Got skills.

 Lit light bulb on bed is OK, because it's an energy saver and doesn't get so hot, maybe.

Then I arranged red things on my bedside table because my JIIG-CAL said I should be a window dresser. (it's a balloon with an LED in it, for emergency parties in the dark).

p.s. Yes, Peter, I'd still like you to bring in your cream Anglepoise next week. Thanks. I will also e-mail you, in case you don't read this.

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