Sunday, 8 November 2015

Dot's cupboard

We joked about making a jack-and-jill cupboard between Dot's room and ours that could also serve as a tiny bedroom (or "Dot's sleeping cupboard"). So, we got JP to change the plans a little.

You can see right through! This also makes for excellent chases around the top of the house.

Because of laws, etc., we probably couldn't make our child sleep in a windowless cupboard, so, for the time being (or until child-cruelty laws change) Dot is allowed her own room.


Saturday, 12 September 2015

First floor bathroom.

Oooooh look. We've got a timber frame first floor extension. This is where the bathroom's going to go. I must say, despite saying I wasn't bothered about an upstairs bathroom when we bought the house it has been very handy with all my night time visits this pregnancy - that's right, these photos are now about 9 months old - I'm not weeing in a bare timber frame.

This will be our new view from the bathroom window.

That's the back wall. Sad there's no bathroom view over the allotments but that's planning!

Isn't it tall!?!

New bathroom ceiling.

Saturday, 5 September 2015


With a then tiny child and digs in South London, we weren't able to be on site as much as we would have liked. Luckily the neighbour's cat, Whiskerdoo, was on hand to keep an eye on the work.

When only the crappy outhouse had been demolished, she inspected the old drainage
I'd rip that out if I were you. 

She was a bit disappointed to loose her sun roof and moped around the space where the outhouse was for a while.
Of course, as soon as the new concrete floor was laid she went and sat right on it - important to stake her claim. And what eyes! 

She was in her element when the scaffold went up.

Saturday, 29 August 2015


It's satisfying to get a nice big bit of steel in the house. And we get 2!

This used to be our bathroom. Soon it will be our kitchen.

Our new kitchen taking shape.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Big bedroom

It's normal when spending lots of money on a house project to add more bedrooms right? Wrong, it's much better to go from 3 to 2 bedrooms. BUT what about if you lose 2 crazy small useless bedrooms and instead get 2 proper double bedrooms? That's what we've done. The sewing room/spare room/music room/nursery have been smashed together to make one big room for me and Jon.

Eventually the current entrance on the left of this photo will become a big walk in cupboard (future children's box bed?) and the new door will come through the current cupboard on the right.

You can see where the nursery used to be with it's nicely painted floor. Dot never even slept in it!

Some nice floor space in our new bedroom.

And two nice big windows which get the morning sun - quite glad Dot isn't on this side as she wakes up early enough as it is!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Internal walls

Come on, be honest, am I the worst and laziest blogger you ever have known? I suspect I am. Still, I will persevere and continue to document our house even if I do it 9 months out of date. In this post, I share some pictures of our new internal walls being put up.

New doorway to the main bedroom (used to be a cupboard in the sewing room).

New cupboard in Dot's room.

New walls for Dot's room (which used to be our main, back bedroom)

This is a bit of the original kitchen, but will eventually be a handy under stairs storage area for the bikes.

New kitchen wall. You can just see the old fridge cupboard in the far right of the photo.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Old walls

One of the nicest things about having buidling work done is seeing what's behind the walls we have already. In the case of this house there's brick, and there's wood and there's mud and hair. Let's face it, there's probably some dung too. 

I'm actually quite sad that we've lost these walls now; it feels like we've pulled a bit of the soul of the house down. I know it's only one of a million Victorian terraces but seeing all the holes for all the nails that held all the wood strips that held all the mud and hair somehow reminds me of all the people who've lived here. It's a good ittle house, that has worked hard for lots of families for many years. And now us three are here, making it our home too.