Monday, 23 April 2012

Cockland Studios!

We had a mental move-around this weekend. Studio and sewing room swapped places (!) because my things take up more room and are better and more important than Hannah's. This is a temporary solution before we can afford to expand into the loft and build turrets and stuff.

This is how the room looked before.

Hannah wasn't sure she needed Michael's table anymore, so, jealous of tinkermuffin's studio big table, I used it to put my stuff on instead... that it looked like this. I did it like this because that's probably how you're supposed to have this kind of stuff.

Close up of the digital side (+ electric ukulele). Digital stuff is necessary in this modern world. I really think it might revolutionise the way we live our lives.

The (mostly) analogue side. Analogue stuff is better because it just is.

I also have a record player, cassette twin deck AND 4-track, because... well, if you don't already know why, I shouldn't really waste my valuable time explaining to the likes of you.

Finally used one of the Ikea lamps we got before we realised actual Angle-poises are just better and nicer (notwithstanding the fact that one of ours is an electrocution hazard). This clamps on nicely to the worktable though.

And then I wasted hours in there, because I can.
And Hannah spent hours in her sewing room, which you will see shortly.

p.s. Also insanely jealous of Mark Metaverse's studio build.

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