Friday, 27 April 2012

Sewing room pictures.

Apart from the washing line of postcards/ideas/hopes&dreams, Hannah's sewing room was looking a bit bare. Luckily, Nell and Paddy gave us each two super prints reflecting our hobby-time interests (n.b. "hobby-time" is not a scheduled part of our days and does not appear on Google calendars; these are ad-hoc amusements fitted in between planned activities). Hannah's are of sewing stuff and mine are of a camera and a record deck. I'm not happy with the current placement of mine in my new stu-stu, so you'll have to look back here to see them.

Hannah did the hanging, whilst I did the up-a-bit-down-a-bit.

Having perfected the hang, Hannah did proud-face.

And then decided to take a picture of herself in the mirror, that also highlights the terrible paint job I did on her cupboard doors (because I thought they were my cupboard doors at the time, and I just don't give a damn about such niceties.)

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