Monday, 5 March 2012

Mum does some archaeology

You may remember when our garden looked like this. All lawn and falling-apart shed. I started off back in summer, getting rid of all the grass by covering the whole thing in cardboard. Whilst this was a great plan for preparing my vegetable garden, it wasn't so good for making it pretty. A few weeks ago Jon and Stephen dismantled the shed, which again, got us one step closer to the veg garden but left a bit to be desired in the looks department.

Well this weekend, hot on the heel of looking after my new niece (Isabella, gorgeous!) my Mum came round to take the garden in hand. 

We started off by clearing all the rubbish into one corner that is all concrete.

Then Mum started digging...

...and digging...

...and digging

Then she got distracted by some archaeology. Looks like the patio wall used to come out a lot further. Luckily it's quite far down so as long as keep my root crops away from this area, all should be well.

After all this digging I ran my super-Mum a bath and the she took us to The Windmill for tea - what an amazing Mum!

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