Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday dinner with none of the trimmings

Our Kitchen cabinets have a trim around the tops and bottoms. Not surprisingly in our house, the trim is  not fixed on well. It's coming off in places and it doesn't meet at the corners. So we decided to take it off.

Careful Jon!

Whilst removing the trim from the cabinet above the cooker Jon unplugged the security light which shines into next door's garden but not ours, but is plugged into our electricity through the extractor vent. Oh how well MFI fitted the kitchen, no wonder they went bust. 

Arrrggghhh, in taking the trim off we've exposed green paint! We'll have to do a touch up.

Much better. The kitchen actually looks bigger and brighter without it. We're pondering whether to paint our cabinet doors and this will be much easier without the trim.

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