Monday, 16 January 2012

Music/Sewing mash-up!

We had another rethink the other day. With us both (yes; the both of us, thanks!) having hobby/past-times placing demands on our premium E17 space, we realised that something had to give if were ever to have the longed-for and elusive spare room.

 As you can see here, there are keyboards AND sewing machines in the SAME room! 
Admittedly, this is now a lot more cramped than the photo would imply, but... we have what you might call a spare room next door.

 The luxurious double-double futon (two layers, for two people) folds up into a sofa for comfortable loft-style living for young, chic, jet-setters whilst interning at famous London auction-houses. Features chill-out zone by the window.

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