Monday, 5 December 2011

Hannah gets asked to get off the ladder by an armed police man

Before we went on holiday to Sevilla (which is what we call it: It was great, thanks for asking!) we had a family oriented weekend, and not even just with our own! Along with John and Jude Pass-Guthrie-Broadhurst, the Francis-Hubbard-Mileses popped round with Mr and Judy Francis before their walk on Hampstead Heath! Full house!

As we finished our tea (courtesy of Brown Betty), we began to be surrounded by the fuzz, with guns. So, suspecting they had been grassed up, the Francis-Hubbard-Miles gang beat a hasty retreat.

We hid out in the garden, where Hannah and I cracked the whip and got J&J PGB back to the hard graft, in preparation for cracking rocks in Sing Sing.

With his super strength John Pass breaks 2 prongs off our fork!

Then clears all the ivy and stuff off our neighbours shed/garage: It was growing through from ours and ripping it to shreds - we don't want no legal action! When Hannah was up there, a policeman in the side-road waved her down because of the impending shoot-out!

After a stand off with the police down our road, Rob and Laura Guthrie-Durrant arrived and we set Rob to work too. Laura is absolved from work duties because she's in the club (like 50Cent).

Bend at the knees Jude!

Oh, they're clearing our garden of weeds and overgrown-ness, by-the-way.

The view from space.

"More tea?"

"Yes and make it snappy!"

Our second fork gets broken!

As night falls, we pack up for the evening and, under cover of dark, avoiding police helicopters and searchlights, we sneak off down Ye Olde Rose & Crown for beer and that.

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