Saturday, 31 December 2011

Bathroom no sew curtains

Ever since we moved in I've hated the horrid blinds in the bathroom. They're dirty and clattery and I just don't like them. I've been meaning to make some muslin curtains for them but I used the fabric I bought to wrap Christmas presents in a lack-of-wrapping-paper emergency. Quite frankly, the sewing room has turned into a box room and I wasn't in the right frame of mind to make more curtains yet anyway. I much prefer making clothes out of curtains rather than actually making curtains. 

I thought about taking them down completely. We'd get lots of lovely light into the bathroom that way. But, you see, we do need something there. Otherwise any Tom, Dick or Harry could look in while I'm having a wee.

But then I had an idea - actually I must have stolen this idea from one of the many house decorating blogs I got a bit obsessed with while we were waiting to move in, many moons ago. Off we went to IKEA (so many more posts to follow with reference to this one trip) and bought some tea towels. I already had some small brass rings, dowel and some clippy hooks so it was super easy to make my no sew, tea towel, cafe curtains.

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