Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Some good news about our neighbours

Today we've had some wonderful news. Our new neighbours and inspiration for this blog's name, East 17, are reuniting (again) but this time without Brian. How they will fare without the short one who had a penchant for dodgy potatoes is anyone's guess, but they have our best wishes.

Going back to work (and in my case starting the best job ever) has slowed our progress somewhat but we did manage to do some important work this evening. The sewing room, though far from finished, is up and running. Thank you so much Michael for the table, it is perfect! I've found scissors, machine, pattern and fabric which means I can finally start my dress for Mum's wedding. Can I make a dress in two and a half weeks while holding down a new job and decorating my new house? Here's hoping!

Oh, and here's a picture of our painted but as yet sparsely furnished bedroom. Anyone got a lovely antique and/or iron frame king-size bed going spare?

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