Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Another day of doing that I have nothing to do with

Aren't I the lucky home owner. For the second time lots of work gets done and I'm blissfully unaware of the hard work. A huge thank you to Jenny and Stephen, my in-laws, for all the hard work they've done today. And also, of course, to my wonderful boyfriend Jon who has been slaving away alongside.

Sometimes I come home and I just think how much I love my home. There's still lots to do but I'm taking real pleasure in the simple things. Here's an overview of the things Jon, Jenny and Stephen did today to make me love my home a little more.

Jon sets his Mum to work in the front garden

Removing raul(?) plugs and polyfillaing the holes

Jenny Lloyd: super weeder!

Then she added some of the lavender my Mum gave us.

And a pot of mint. Doesn't the front garden look better!

Meanwhile Stephen and Jon took out the old dishwasher.....

look, there's the space it used to be

please ignore the messy kitchen

why make lots of little holes?

and bend 3 drill bits in the process?

aha! to make a hole to reach the plug socket!

ta da! Washing machine! No more stinky Jon and Hannah and no more trips to Laura's laundrette.

After all this work Jon took his parents to have a well deserved break in the fabulous Hornbeam Cafe

How amazing does our front garden look!

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