Sunday, 14 August 2011

Finally we do some more work

Don't get too excited though, it's minimal.

Jon fixes our cooker. At least we thought the only problem was the numbers being rubbed off but then it burnt Ellen's birthday biscuits. Seems 50 is actually about 150. Might need to buy a new cooker.

What's this?  A toilet with a horrid plastic seat that's threatening to fall off or snap in two.

a bit of DIY later and......

ta da! Well done Jon. A nice new black wood loo seat, what a stylish bathroom.

Aha, now we see the reason that the house decorating has slowed so much. I've got my sewing room (notice I can now have 2 sewing machines and an ironing board up, all at the same time and permanently). But also I have been beavering away on a dress to wear at Mum's wedding next weekend. After sewing and unpicking the zip three times I gave up and just left it a bit wonky.

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