Thursday, 9 August 2012

Trying to avoiding the inevitable

One of the reasons I post so much about the garden, and increasingly little about the house, it that we're starting to come up against the big projects. The things we're a bit too lazy to do, or can't do, or can't afford to do. Unfortunately these projects just seem to multiply.

The big one of the moment is our windows. Whilst I'm not that bothered about living in a faux-cottage for the time being (we're here for the long-haul and anyway we can't afford to do everything at once) the downstairs window needs replacing. This brings up lots of ugly questions about what to do with it. The only thing I'm certain about is that I don't want little panes of glass anymore.

  1. Shall we get all the windows done at once or should we spend all our savings on making the bottom window better?
  2. Should we go all out and get a bay reinstated? Did our house even have a bay? Could we even afford this, ever?
  3. Would the house look funny with a flat window on the ground floor?
  4. How will installing new windows affect the pebble-dash?
  5. Why do we care about the pebble-dash?
  6. Is patchy pebble-dash even worse than normal pebble-dash?
  7. Which quote should we go for? 
  8. Can't we just spend the money on something fun like a holiday and some new shoes instead?

Just to add to my worry, I found a funny growth on one of the windows the other day. It didn't have anything growing in it, just brown powdery stuff. Arrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!


  1. I think a flat window but a slightly larger one, like this one here -
    Why does everything have to cost so much money though!

    1. Yes, I like those. I think that anything with building is going to be beyond our purse though. boo to not being a rich