Saturday, 24 September 2011

New furniture and child labour

So Super Stephen is back doing more painting for us. I like having a retired father-in-law. Here he is polly-filla-ing the hole where a wall light used to be. We finally got round to calling out the electricians  so we've taken out 2 wall lights and reinstated a pendant light in the hall. And finally both our upstairs and downstairs lights can turn the stairs lights on, yippee, no more falling down stairs in the dark.

Stephen also brought down the most amazing piece of furniture in the world, an old dental cabinet.  Look isn't it wicked! We're going to use it as a drinks cabinet I think.

Meanwhile Laura brought us round some extra labour

Yes, James is up the ladder ready for painting. We'd better arrange to get our chimney unblocked before he grows much bigger.

oh yeah, Jon did some painting too

New lights! Thank you to my ex-colleagues at The Cuming Museum for our John Lewis vouchers. Now we just need to redo our 'decs' as the electrician said

white hall!

Stephen also brought us some nice stained glass bits. Not sure where they will go eventually but here they are looking pretty in the living room window

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