Thursday, 26 September 2013

Song of Reproduction

We've been on holiday so that's why we've been quiet for a while. But the holiday has given us time to plot House of Love changes and the first comes in the shape of a sitting room shuffle.

We want to have our stereo in the sitting room, rather than tucked away in the music room, so that we can listen to music when people come over and they'll think we're still young and trendy and that we don't just listen to Radio 4 ALL THE TIME*

So even though I measured everything very accurately I forgot about the poorly laid and pointless second skirting board. So that had to come up!

Hammond and bureau switch-a-roo!

and now I can listen to Flanders and Swann! Oh yes, this is our second F&S themed post; I told you we were actually young and trendy!

P.s. the post title come from a song title off the first record we listened to on our new Hi-fi set up. You need to listen to it to understand - it's not about sex; get your minds out of the gutter people!

*We also sometimes listen to 6music, which by the way has a very amazing playlist.

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