Saturday, 9 February 2013

Spring has sprung and don't you dare tell me otherwise

Looking back at our garden this time last year, I am so proud of all we've done in it. And we're able to celebrate our second Spring in the House of Love with some proper first signs of spring.

These were a Christmas present from surrogate Grandma Kay that we got for Christmas 2011 and planted in Jan last year.  Don't they look lovely?! They're nestled under some purple sprouting broccoli that I hope will diversify our kale diet over the next month.

Daffodils! That are in my garden! Can't wait to see this lovely little thing open. (Ok they're actually narcissus but I don't care!)

And we're STILL getting food out of the garden. Admittedly Jon is a little sick of kale and chard but I think our recent trip to Tuscany will have convinced him of the supreme tastiness of cavolo nero* and the numerous possibilities of making yummy food with it. 

* that's Italian for the kale I grow right but it sounds posher, ok?!

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