Saturday, 17 November 2012

Windows. End. Of. (for now)

So, we got a bit cold with that massive hole in our sitting room, so we asked the nice men to put some more windows in (luckily they were still hanging around).

After getting rid of the window held together with loo roll we weren't sure about the squirty cream in the gaps, but they're the experts.

Houseface! Now all we need to do is paint the pebble-dash and get a new door.

Look how amazing and light-filled our sitting room looks!

I'm going to have to make some new bloody skirtains!

Thank you so much to @PamHutch for recommending Ian Foster and Sons. Without her recommendation one Friday night at the Hornbeam cafe we would have procrastinated forever!

Sorry for the overkill of windows posts but quite frankly it's cost us so much money we needed to get blog value out of it.

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