Sunday, 9 September 2012

A big job gets done

So I know we've been quiet recently but I've just started a new job and I am pooped! This post is very late, sorry. I've been saying recently how we've lost a bit of our momentum because all the jobs seem so much bigger now, well the other weekend we got one of the big jobs done!

Why am I unscrewing the mantlepiece?

Why is Jon unscrewing the funny wood around the fireplace?

Look how much rubbish is in our fireplace! This photo doesn't even do it justice. It's all sooty, concreaty rubishiness. It's stuck on the bricks and it's hanging down from the chimney.

And then it all fell out, before we'd put any dust sheets over our sitting room. oh dear. Look at that soot on the floor!

While Jon was making a mess in the sitting room I was painting the mantlepiece in the sun.

That's it, seal in the sooty dirt with paint!

We had a bit of an emergency with a downpour of rain, now the mantlepiece has finger and raindrop marks all over it.

A London Transport Museum bag stuffed with newspaper to try and stop some of the soot falling down

Jon even put some cementy type stuff down to try and even up and consolidate the hearth bit.

Ta da! Doesn't it look better than before

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