Saturday, 26 May 2012

Touching up.

Avid readers might remember our kitchen light fitting. It replaced a browning fluorescent tube. We got some proper men in to put it up. They did the electrics and said that I would need to do "the decs". In spite of my nodding agreement, they realised I didn't understand what they were talking about, and explained that they meant "decorative work" - meaning polyfilla and painting over and "making good". I said, yeah, fine, of course. And then I didn't do it for, like, 9 months.

 In my defense, I did start it. I did polyfilla the big hole maybe 6 months ago. And then let it dry really really well.

So then I just dabbed paint around the crap looking bits. 

 Whilst up there, getting paint in my armpit, I also painted the little bits exposed after removing the trim from the kitchen units.

And then they looked like that. It's amazing. You can't even tell that that's not the original light fitting.

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